Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fun with Music Series Summer 2012

In the science community there is the big question:  "Which came first, language or music?"

There have been studies done tracking the cries of babies and they have found that babies cry at musical intervals.  There is also a universal singing/call that all children around the world use to call for "mommy".  Plus, there is the universal sing-song children use when teasing one another - "na-na-na na-na".

Music comes very naturally to children.  As parents and teachers, we need to help them develop their musical instincts and abilities.  We can do this in a fun, playful way while everyone is having a great time.

This July, I have teamed up with Angelique Felix at to bring you a series called "Fun with Music." Angelique is a play expert and has some wonderful ideas on playing with children and music.  Read her first Fun with Music post.  I love music and believe the best learning comes through play.  This series will be all about playing with music!  Each week we will both bring you musical ways to play with your children.

Week 1 will have ideas on singing with children and helping them boost their creativity to create their own songs.

Week 2 will be about combining drawing and painting with music.

Week 3 will have ideas on making musical instruments at home!

Week 3 will be all about musical games.

Music is relaxing and stimulating!  Everyone can make and enjoy music.  It is a wonderful way for families to connect.  I have written many family music ideas in the past.

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  1. Awesome! You guys are a powerful pair! I love your blog and I love watching her on youtube.

    1. I'm excited about our series! Thank you for reading Jackie!

  2. I'm so glad you two found each other as you are both so talented and the two of you will be excellent! Carolyn

  3. looks like a great series to me! you're off to a great start

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