Monday, July 9, 2012

Beautiful Music for a Lovely Wedding

Rachel performed all of the music at a beautiful wedding this past weekend.  The wedding took place in the Rose Garden at McKinley Park in Sacramento. 

The violin music was perfect for the outdoor wedding.

She played a medley of songs while guests greeted one another and were seated.

For the Seating of the Mother's, she played Largo from Winter by Antonio Vivaldi.

For the Bridal Party Procession she played Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel.

For the Bridal Procession, she played Bridal Chorus by Richard Wagner.

For the Recessional she played Trumpet Tune by Henry Purcell.

While pictures were being taken and guests mingled, she played another medley of Classical and Baroque songs.

The violin music complimented the naturally beautiful surroundings of the lovely garden wedding.

Would you like Rachel to play at your wedding? 

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  1. I will keep her in mind, what a talented violinist Rachel is! This music sounds so perfect! Carolyn

    1. Thank you Carolyn! She is a great violinist and I am very proud of her!

  2. I love violin music at weddings!

    1. Violin music is very romantic! Thanks for reading MaryAnne!

  3. Wow! What a beautiful wedding. That was a lot of music to learn! What a wonderful accomplishment.

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