Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Write a Song With Your Child

It’s easier than you think!

Our names represent us! Children love to hear their names in a song. For more information on hello songs read The Importance of a Hello Song.  Writing a song with and about your child will help instill a positive self-worth as well as show your child how much you love her!

Write your own song to sing with your child using her name as the basis. It is easier than you think!

  • Start with a popular tune such as Jingle Bells, BINGO, Mary Had a Little Lamb etc.
  • Find some words that rhyme with her name
  • Find some words that describe who she is or what she likes to do
  • Fit the words in with the tune

Here is a song I wrote with my daughter Angel. Sing it to the tune of Jingle Bells.

Angel Joy, Angel Joy

She likes dolls and toys

She's so good at drawing and art

She reads with all her heart!

Angel Joy, Angel Joy

She loves to play outside

She has lots of sisters

And she's always by their side!

Angel was delighted to do this project with me. She was smiling the whole time and felt really important singing our finished product to Daddy.

Here is another song, written for my daughter, Shelli.  Sing it to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Shelli has a great big smile,

Great big smile,

Great big smile.

Shelli has a great big smile.

She makes me laugh all day.

Shelli rides a scooter,



Shellie rides a scooter.

She rides with Daddy all day.

Shelli is a reader,



Shelli is a reader.

She reads books all day.

Shelli has 3 sisters,

3 sisters,

3 sisters.

Shelli has 3 sisters. 

She loves them all day.

It is important to allow your child to help you as much as possible!

Write the song together.

Sing it all the time.

You could incorporate musical instruments to make it more complete!

But most importantly: Have Fun!


  1. Hey Tonya!! You just got tagged!! Check out tonight's post to find out more!
    Ann Marie Smith @ Innovative Connections

  2. We stumbled across this one day accidentally at bath time. They were splashing and I wanted them to calm down, so I started singing a made-up song... The 12 Days of Bath Time (I'm sure you can guess the tune). The girls calmed down and started helping me with the words. Boy, was it a challenge! Although, the biggest challenge was trying to remember it the next day! :-)

    1. You definitely have to write the song down if you want to remember it! The other day someone asked me if I had any transition songs and I had to tell her I made mine up as I went along. I really need to write them down and then I can blog about them!
      Thanks for reading and sharing, Terri!

  3. We love making up songs as a family. Recently we started to write down the lyrics so we don't forget them.

    Thanks for your comments, too. =)

    1. Thanks for reading! It really does help to write those lyrics down! :)

  4. Great post, thank you so much! And great tips from everyone to write them down. I think I will always remember them, but as the kids get older, it gets harder. I even want to video them singing the song for the original tunes.

    1. Video is a great idea! I did that once when I wanted to remember a tune I was making up. I forgot what it was when I downloaded it - then cracked up laughing when I played it! Here was a video of my face singing this song about the weather. But it would be very cute to have the kiddos singing their special songs!
      Thanks for reading!

  5. Wonderful, Ms. Tonya! Personalized learning means so much more to children and there is no learning without emotion, so you have the market cornered on learning here. Thank you for sharing. Carolyn

    1. Thank you Carolyn! Kids really do love having songs about them. I think they need that individualized attention.

  6. This reminds me of that Sesame Street song "This is a song about Elmo!" My grandson and I love that and we change it to his name!

    1. I bet your grandson loves singing that song with you! That is so sweet.
      Thanks for reading Deborah!

  7. We started doing this tonight. I've been giving my daughter piano lessons and played Merrily We Roll Along...she noticed it sounded like Mary Had a Little Lamb, and then created her own crazy version of the song. I love the imagination that comes out with music!

    1. Music does spark creativity! I'm so glad you are teaching your daughter piano and letting her experiment with music.
      Thank you for reading, Andrea!