Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Explore Music Camp July 16-20, 2012

This past week we had our first week of Explore Music Camp at our home studio. 

Every day we explored a different instrument, sang songs, played boomwhackers and rhythm sticks and had a lot of fun with music.

We did finger plays, call and response songs and even played with the parachute on Friday!

Monday was Piano Day.
Tuesday was Violin Day.
Wednesday was Ukulele Day.
Thursday was Guitar Day
Friday was Voice Day.

Miss Rachel showed everyone how to rosin the bow so it doesn't slip on the strings.

Then she explained the different parts of the violin including the names of the strings.

She helped everyone get a nice bow position.

Everyone got a chance to play on the instruments each day.  I don't have pictures of every day since I was teaching piano, guitar and voice.  I need to recruit more photographers!

Miss Amanda showed everyone how to play the ukulele, after explaining the different parts of the ukulele.

We did an experiment with different levels of water in glasses.  It was just like playing a xylophone.  The children enjoyed experimenting with the different sounds.
The children also helped me do a video for my Finger Play Fun Day.  They did a great job with 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree.  Be sure to check that out!

We still have 2 more weeks of camps.  Be sure to join us!
July 30-August 3 and August 6 - 10.

Cost:  $50  ($45 if you register early!)

For more information see Explore Music Camps or email Ms. Tonya at stringskeysandmelodies@gmail.com


  1. Oh, such fun, this brought back memories of rosin and horse hair bows and Suzuki lessons when my children were little. Wish I was there! Carolyn

    1. We'd love to have you if you are ever in the area!

  2. Your blog looks great, Tonya!! :) Music Camp looks like so much fun!! I want to learn to play the violin!! lol--among other things! Maybe one day!

    Ann Marie Smith @ Innovative Connections

    1. Thanks for looking Ann Marie! I have a new header now that I really like better than before. Your never to old to learn a new instrument! You'd like it!