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Recital and Performances:
2017 Calendar
Recitals - Save these dates!

Strings, Keys and Melodies 
2017 Calendar

Recital:  Saturday, March 4, 2:30 pm at
The Meadows, 9325 East Stockton Blvd. Elk Grove

Spring Break – No Lessons- April 10-14

Recital:  Sunday, May 7, 2:00 pm at
Camden Springs, 8476 Sheldon Rd, Elk Grove

Summer Break – No Lessons – July 3 – 7

Recital: Saturday, August 5, 2 pm at
ACC Greenhaven Terrace, 1180 Corporate Way, Sacramento, 95831

Recital: Saturday, October 7, 2:30 pm at
The Commons, 9564 Sabrina Lane, Elk Grove, 95758

Recital:  Sunday, December 3, 2 pm at
Carlton Senior Living, 6915 Elk Grove Blvd. Elk Grove

Winter Break – No Lessons – December 25 – January 5

Lessons include:
5 or more recitals per year
New music theory games every month
Fun incentive programs
Personal music instruction
Plus much more!
Private Classes 
 1/2 hr/wk $85/month* ($95 if paying by Charter School Voucher or PO)
All ages
Private classes are tailored for each individual student. Music is taught in an enjoyable, relaxed way with lots of games to reinforce music notation, rhythm and listening skills. Choose between piano, violin, voice, and guitar.

Music and Movement Classes  
1 hour/wk $75/month* ($85 if paying by Charter School Voucher or PO)

Ages 1 1/2 - 3 years and 3 - 8 years
This class emphasizes fun!
Music involves singing, dancing, listening and play.  Singing lyrics increases vocabulary and language skills.  Dancing and games are beneficial for spatial development and gross motor skills.  Listening to music develops listening and social skills.  Making music with instruments develops the brain and thinking skills.
We will learn call and response songs, be introduced to different music genres, use musical instruments to work on rhythms, tones and pitches and play all kinds of musical games all while having fun!

*Tuition is based on 48 weeks of lessons per year.

Sign up now to hold your spot in the classes of your choice!!

Contact: Ms. Tonya text or call (916) 812-2875  

Groups and Special Events

Weddings -  Rachel will play beautiful Classical, Baroque and Romantic violin music for your special day.
Schools - Preschools, Daycares and Elementary Schools
Home School Groups
Special Events
Birthday Parties, Scout Meetings, One Time Music Classes will include singing, dancing, rhythm instruments, music and parachute games.
*Every school and group is unique with different sizes and needs.  Please call or email to work out the details.

Or Customize your Event  We'll create a special class for your event!
Do you have your own idea?
Women's Night out Voice Class
Special Intro to Stringed Instruments
Intro to Classical Concert Music

For more information or to register for classes
Call or email Ms. Tonya
Strings, Keys and Melodies
(916) 812-2875

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