Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Lovely Blog and Versatile Blog Awards!

Blog Awards on Strings, Keys, and Melodies

Blog Awards on Strings, Keys, and Melodies photo

I have been honored to be awarded two blogging awards!  It is so nice to know that people are reading my articles and like what I have written!

I have been awarded "A Lovely Blog" award 3 times!  The first one came from Wise Owl Factory which is a wonderful website full of resources for teachers and homeschooling teachers.  She offers book reviews and wonderful printables that children truly enjoy!

The second one came from Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching another wonderful teaching blog full of new ideas for the classroom. 

The third award came from Mrs. P's Ed Tech Talk which is all about elementary educational technology.  Mrs. P also awarded me the Versatile Blog Award.

Now, I get to award these two awards to those blogs that I enjoy reading and think do an awesome job!

Be sure to check these blogs out.  They provide wonderful ideas, activities and information.

If you received the awards: Now it is your turn to award one or both of these awards to blogs that you enjoy! Please feel free to put the award on your blog somewhere.  When you write your post about the awards please link back to Strings, Keys, and Melodies!


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    1. You are welcome MaryAnne! Thanks for creating such an awesome blog!