Monday, August 18, 2014

Events Calendar for Fall 2014

Strings, Keys and Melodies Calendar
Fall 2014

Labor Day, Monday September 1 – Monday Students – we will be available to teach on this day but please let us know if you need to reschedule

September:  Start World Music theme for the new school year and Mission: Music, a fun activity driven incentive game for the entire year.  Everyone will get their own map and track their way around the continents!

Saturday October 25 – 2 pm Retirement Home Program at Camden Springs, 8471 Sheldon Rd., EG 95624

Thanksgiving November 27 & 28 – Thursday and Friday lessons will be rescheduled.  The rest of the week will have lessons as usual.

Saturday, December 6 – 2 pmWinter Recital at The Meadows, 9325 East Stockton Blvd., EG 95624

December 22 – January 2 – Winter Break – no lessons

January 5 – Regular lessons resume

Policy Reminders:
Tuition is due the first lesson of the month.

Make up lessons – please call in advance if you can’t make it to your lesson.  If you do not call then we are sitting here waiting for you!  If you call ahead, we will do our best to set up a make up time for you.
Questions?  Please contact Ms. Tonya 
or Miss Rachel