Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Take a Nature-Sound Walk

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A good listener is almost always a good speaker and communicator.  So it is important to strengthen a child’s listening skills.

There are so many sounds that we get used to hearing everyday and we eventually stop hearing them.

A fun way to practice listening and reawaken our sense of hearing is to go on a nature sound walk.

You can go for a hike on a bike trail, go to a park or zoo, or take a simple walk through your neighborhood.

As you walk, ask your child what he hears.

Can you hear:

A bird or different types of birds?

A fire truck?

The wind?

Car horns?

Music from a radio?

A train whistle?




Leaves crunching under your feet?

Children love being outside and a great bonus to this activity is spending time with family.  Being in the open air, experiencing nature with a valued mom, dad or other special adult is a healthy and memorable experience for a child.  And practicing listening skills is an added bonus.


  1. Oh, what a fun way to take a walk! This is good for listening skills and being outdoors, but probably also for many other academic areas and whole brain learning. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Carolyn

    1. Thanks for reading Carolyn. Learning music is great for the brain in general and does apply to all academic areas! That's why every child should learn music. It is good for everything.

  2. We all love having a walk outside. Open to air and in the company of nature. Its feels so calm and refreshing. Makes the mind rejuvenated.

  3. We all esteem having a promenade outdoor. Open to vibes and surrounded by flora and fauna. Its feels hence alleviate and refreshing. cardboard box with window Makes the mind rejuvenated.

  4. I really enjoyed this nature-sound walk! It was so peaceful and calming, and it was great to get out in nature and just enjoy the sounds around me.

  5. What a delightful way to go for a stroll! This is certainly beneficial for many other academic areas as well as whole brain learning, in addition to listening skills and outdoor learning. Many thanks for the motivation! Carolynn