Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Follow the Musical Notes"

musical notes, musical notes game, treasure maps, quarter notes, half notes, dotted half notes, whole notes, strings keys and melodies

I am always on the look out for fun games that also teach.  Last month I came across Letter Treasure Maps on Reading Confetti and I knew this would be a great way to reinforce musical notes to beginning music students.
musical notes, musical note games, quarter notes, half notes, dotted half notes, whole notes, treasure maps

I started out by creating pathways using colored circle stickers.  Then I drew one kind of note from the "Start" sticker to the "You Win" sticker.  I filled in the other circles with different types of notes.
musical notes, treasure maps, musical note games, quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, dotted half notes, children's music, strings keys and melodies

I made 4 different maps:
Quarter Notes
Half Notes
Dotted Half Notes
Whole Notes

These treasure maps are for all my students to use so instead of using a pencil, the students use a little heart eraser  to move along the pathway.

This game teaches note recognition in a fun, easy way.
musical notes, musical note games, quarter notes, whole notes, half notes, dotted half notes, treasure maps, children's music games, strings keys and melodies


  1. Wonderful adaptation of treasure maps, colorful, fun, and educational. Carolyn

    1. Thanks Carolyn. My students really enjoyed playing it this week. So easy and yet they liked it! Some even made sound effects as they made the heart follow the trail!

  2. I love what you did with this! The colored stickers are GENIUS!!! Can I share a link to this on my original post to show readers how they can adapt it?

    1. I'm glad you like it Lorie! That would be awesome if you shared a link!

  3. I love how you took that idea and fitted it for your subject area. I also loved those maps but I didn't think at the time about adapting them. Now I have so many math ideas running through my head!!!

    1. A math treasure hunt would be great! It really helps with the visual. You'll have to share your creations!

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