Sunday, March 25, 2012

10 Habits for a Healthy Voice

As humans, we have been created to use our vocal chords to talk and sing all day long.  As singers, our voices are our instruments.  Other musicians can replace their instruments if they wear out but singers can’t.  We have only one voice for our lifetime.  We need to take care of our voices so they stay healthy and do not wear out before their due dates.

10 Healthy Habits

5 Do’s

1.       Drink lots of water.  Stay hydrated all day long.  Don’t just drink water while you are singing.  You need to get and keep your vocal chords hydrated before you begin singing.

2.       Eat a healthy diet.  Your voice is a part of your body so keep your entire instrument healthy.

3.       Exercise.  Again, keep your entire body/instrument healthy!

4.       Warm up your voice.  Hum, do lip trills, and sing gently before bolting out your performance song.

5.       Take care of allergies and colds so you can breathe correctly.

5 Don’ts

1.       Avoid straining your voice and singing at the top and bottom of your range for long periods of time.

2.       Avoid screaming and shouting for long periods of time.

3.       Avoid coughing and clearing your throat.  This might be hard to do during cold and flu season, but do your best!

4.       Avoid singing when you have a sore throat.  Give your throat a rest.

5.       Avoid smoking!  It’s bad for your vocal chords as well as your entire body.

Bonus Habit!

Smile!  Feel great about all your hard work and enjoy making music with your voice.

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  1. Every teacher needs to read this every fall! This is very helpful, and saving your voice in the classroom and in other jobs (such as mom) is really a struggle for some people. Thanks so much for this help. Carolyn

    1. There are a bunch occupations where the person uses her voice a lot. They all need to take care of their voices! Thanks for sharing Carolyn!