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Ms. Tonya at Strings, Keys, and Melodies
Music provides beauty and a way to express ourselves.  Music has a powerful impact on children's growth and development.  There is more to music than boring practice times!
Music has been a huge part of my life. At 4 years of age, I began singing duets with my brother. Then followed years of musicals, church ensembles and choirs, piano, voice, and guitar lessons.

My own daughters began violin lessons at 3 years of age. So I began my journey of being a music mom. I have watched music give them confidence and grace in every aspect of their lives. Music has always been a part of our homeschooling family.

I teach music to preschool students all the way up to adults including students with special needs. My classes include general music as well as piano, voice, guitar and beginning violin.

Rhythms, body movement, call and response, and singing on pitch are all important parts of early music training.

Music theory and musical notation is important in mastering an instrument.

My oldest daughter, Rachel, and I are writing this blog to provide parents and teachers ideas and techniques they can use to cultivate the love of music in their students. We want people to love music and use it as a way of expressing their feelings and emotions.

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