Monday, April 27, 2015

FAQ About the Extra Special Summer Classes and Why Our Students Should Be a Part of It All!

This Summer, we will be holding some pretty special Summer Classes that all of our students should attend!

During our regular half hour lessons, we learn to play music games, do ear training, practice rhythms, go over musical symbols, learn new scales and arpeggios, review old songs, learn new songs, compose.....We cover so much!  

But to help everyone really grasp these important concepts, we are going to spend time this summer practicing music theory concepts, rhythms and beats, and composing in fun, exciting ways.  And the best part...We are going to do it together with our friends!

FAQ # 1  Will there still be regular music lessons?
Yes!  Rachel and I will still be teaching our regular lessons throughout the summer.  These classes are in addition to our regular lessons.

#2 What will the classes cover?
In June, we will be teaching the class Mind Craft, which will focus on playing music theory, ear training, note reading and rhythm games to help us really remember all of those important concepts.  Everyone could use practice reading notes!

In July, we will be Dancing with the Stars!  This class will focus on exploring music with our whole bodies as we do choreographed dances to current pop songs as well as a few classical pieces.  We will learn a new dance routine at each class.  This will help our students grasp rhythm and beat which is extremely important for musicians!!

In August, we will be Musical Ninja Warriors as we train ourselves to compose and create original songs and lyrics.  Every creative musician needs to explore creating new sounds and combinations of tones and rhythms.  

#3 When will these classes be held?
Every Wednesday morning from 10 am to 12 pm in June, July and August.

#4 What is the tuition?
Well, the more classes that you sign up for the more you save!
1 session is $80 per student
Choose any 2 sessions and it is $155 per student
Choose all 3 sessions and the tuition is $230 per student.
Remember this is for 2 hours of musical instruction every week!

#5 Can we invite our friends and family?
Yes, definitely!  These classes are intended for students up to about 12 years old. No prior musical experience necessary.  Please tell your friends and family about these classes!

Let me know if you have any questions!
Ms. Tonya

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