Monday, November 5, 2012

Fantastic Fall Recital, November 3, 2012

This Saturday the students from Strings, Keys, and Melodies performed at Emeritus at Laguna Creek, a senior assisted living home.  They did a wonderful job!

First, our violin students performed several Suzuki pieces together.  Then two of the intermediate students performed solos.  It is difficult to learn to play together but they all did their best and sounded great!

Next our Music and Movement students sang "Oh, Once I Had a Pumpkin".  That is a favorite song with all of our students so they had a lot of help!

One of my piano students performed "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" with the boomwhackers.  Boomwhackers are rhythm instruments that are fun to play.  Our student did a great demonstration of how they work and sound.

Each of our piano students played songs they have been working on all month.  Many of them played Halloween songs and others played their favorite book songs.  Everyone did a fantastic job introducing themselves, finding their hand positions and playing their songs!

Then our voice students treated us to 4 lovely songs from famous musicals that they have been working on all fall.  One of my students was sick and could not perform but the other students stepped in and were able to continue without her.  All of the girls sang with confidence and strong voices.  I am so proud of them!

To end the recital, the students passed out rhythm instruments to all the audience which included the residents and parents.  Then we had a sing-a-long time with folk songs we had been practicing all month.  We wanted to include the residents so we picked songs they were sure to know such as Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Oh Susanna, You are My Sunshine and Skip to My Lou.  The children sang loud and clear and the residents rang their bells and sang with gusto along with them!  It was so fun seeing the different generations make music together.

We have more recitals planned for this year because I think it is extremely important to share the music that we love with other people.

Our next recital is December 1 at 1:30-2:30 at the Valley Hi-North Laguna Library.  We will be sharing all our wonderful Christmas music.  Family and friends are invited!


  1. I love the variety of what was at the recital. It's such a great experience to expose the kids to various types of music!

    1. Thank you Andrea. I'm so glad your girls were a part of it!

  2. This was a wonderful project and the children worked hard and cooperated to make the performance go well. It was nice you involved the residents! Carokyn

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