Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall and Christmas Recitals for Strings, Keys, and Melodies

Fall and Christmas Recitals for Strings, Keys, and Melodies photo
Music is meant to be shared!
I have always believed that music is meant to be shared and it is an important idea to teach our students. Studies have shown that sharing music actually uses the brain in a different way then music created and played alone! Plus it is just a great thing to share with our family, friends and community.
Our programs and recitals will include all of our voice, piano, violin and Music and Movement students!
Our first Fall program will be at a Senior home. Music is a wonderful thing to share with older people because that is the last region in their brains to be touched. Stroke victims that can't talk anymore can often still sing! The seniors are eager to sing with us so we will include some folk songs and rhythm instruments so they can join along. We are going to play and sing at:
Sunrise at Laguna Creek
6727 Laguna Park Dr
Elk Grove, 95758
Saturday, November 3
1:30-2:30 (arrive at 1:15 for tuning)
This program will be mainly for the seniors and as a place for the children to practice playing in front of people. So we ask that only one or two adults accompany the students. The whole extended family can come to our Christmas recital!
Our Christmas Recital will be a great time to invite the whole family and friends! It will be held at:
Valley Hi-North Laguna Library, Community Room
7400 Imagination Parkway
Sacramento, 95823
Saturday, December 1
3:30-4:30 (arrive at 3:15 for tuning)
We are getting the details finalized for 3 more recitals and programs in the Spring for February 3, April 6, and Year End Recital on June 1. I will get you those details as soon as I can!
Thank you for supporting your children in their study of music. Creating music with others for others to enjoy is an important part of their education!
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