Monday, June 11, 2012

Exploring Major Tones with Boomwhackers

It is important to have correct pitch when making music whether you are singing or playing an instrument.  You need to know if you are on pitch and if not, then how to get back on pitch.

  Boomwhackers make it fun to practice pitch and tones.  Boomwhackers come in a C Major Diatonic Scale Set.  There are all kinds of accesories such as caps to change the tones to an octave lower and little mallets for hitting the boomwhackers if you don't want to hit your hand or the floor.  But the most important items are the boomwhackers.

In this video, I introduce the children to the boomwhackers and we practice singing "So, Mi, Do". 

First we play and sing So, Mi Do.
2. Do, Mi, So.
3. So, So, Mi.
4. So, So, Do.

You can make up numerous variations.

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Have fun!


  1. Boomwhackers are so much fun AND a great learning tool!

    1. You're right Miss L! We love boomwhackers here! Thanks for reading -Tonya

  2. Your music school looks like such a nice, fun, and child-friendly way to learn! I would attend with children but I am just too far away, like 1500 miles or more? Wonderful! Carolyn

    1. Thank you Carolyn! You are always welcome to visit whenever you are in this direction!