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I LOVE music!

I have loved music all my life. I started asking to take violin lessons at the age of two, after watching a string quartet at my grandparent's anniversary party. My parents made me wait for a year to make sure I really wanted to play. When I turned three I started taking private violin lessons.

The teacher I had was amazing and knew just how to encourage me in my musical endeavors. My mom was a huge part of my musical education, especially when I was a beginner. I have graduated from all ten books of the Suzuki Method and have also done two years of post-graduate work. I am also taking piano and voice lessons.

I started teaching violin at the age of thirteen, after training with my teacher for a year. I teach the Suzuki Method, since I am a firm believer that anyone can learn to make music.

My goal is to transfer my love of music to my students and teach them to use music as a way to express and explore their emotions and thoughts. I would like to study Music Therapy and help children with special needs to use music as a way to learn and grow.

I hope the things I write on this blog will encourage you, your children, or your students in your musical journey!

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